Alberta PNP 2019 -

Mar 18th, 2019

Alberta is one of Canada’s most powerful provincial economies attracting newcomers from all over Canada as well as the rest of the world.As a combined result of the number of jobs created by a strong economy, the number of temporary foreign workers in the province and the increased tightening of federal immigration programs, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has become one of Canada’s most popular immigrant recruitment programs.Here we will talk a little more about the Alberta PNP system and how it works.What Is the Alberta Immigrant Nominee ProgramThe Alberta PNP or AINP lets the province hire skilled workers who have the right work experience and training needed to fill jobs in Alberta.Those who successfully apply for the program can get permanent residence, when they receive a Provincial Nomination (PN) from the province.All Provincial Nominees must meet the following requirements like:Medical checks;Criminal checks;Security checks; andFederal checksYou can only receive a permanent resident visa when you meet all of the above requirements.Programs You Can Receive a PN FromYou can recieve a PN when you apply and qualify under one of these programs:Self-Employed Farmer Stream; orAlberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)Applying for Alberta PNP with FamilyIf you succeed in getting a nomination from the province, you, your spouse or partner and your dependent children can apply for permanent residence in Alberta.Improvements to the AINPThe Alberta PNP systems have been made faster by:Simplifying the application process; andOpening more immigration streams for trade jobsAbout the Alberta Opportunity StreamThe Alberta Opportunity Stream has replaced the:Employer Driven Stream; andStrategic Recruitment StreamChanges to the StreamYou no longer need the support of an employer to apply for this program..Requirements for the Alberta Opportunity StreamYou must:Be working full time in Alberta in an accepted NOC (National Occupation Classification);Meet these all the following conditions:Residency and Work Permit Requirements;Job Requirements;Language Requirements;Education Requirements;Work Experience; andFund RequirementsResidency and Work Permit RequirementsYou must have:Temporary resident status in Canada to legally work in the country;A valid work permit for a valid NOC job through:A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA); unless you areAn LMIA exempt worker who is covered by international trade agreement; orAn LMIA exempt international student who has a Post Graduation Work PermitYou cannot apply if you are:A refugee claimant; orA person who is being deported from the countryJob RequirementsYou must:Work a job in Alberta that is part of the AINP. Note that most National Occupational Classification (NOC) levels like 0, A, B, C and D are accepted by the program; andHave enough work experience in the job you are applying withPlease note that there are different conditions if you apply for the program with a Post-Graduation Work Permit.Language RequirementsThere are certain language tests you must qualify for. These are based off the:Canadian Language Benchmark or CLB; andNiveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens or NCLCYou must score 4 for both the CLB and NCLC in 2018 to qualify. These score requirements will change to 5 for both CLB and NCLC in 2019.This does not apply for Job NOC codes like 3413, which include nurse aids, patient services and orderlies.For these occupations you must score at least:7 for the CLB in English; and a7 for the NCLC in FrenchYou must also include your test results from the:International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Training Test;Test d'évaluation de français (TEF); orCanadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) General TestPlease note that all these results must not be older than two years when you apply.Education RequirementsYou must have:A certificate or have completed a post-graduate certificate program;A diploma that was at least two years long; orAn undergraduate bachelor’s degree, graduate degree; graduate level certificate or diplomaChangesFrom Jan, 2021, all non Post Graduation Work Permit Holders must complete a high school degree that is equal to Albertan education standards.From July 10, 2018, you must meet all the requirements for graduation, if you are Post Graduation Work Permit Holder. This must be approved by Alberta Advanced Education for both private and public high school.Work ExperienceYou must apply for an applicable job under the AINP. This job must match the required work experience for your application. Please note that you cannot change the job you applied for in you application.To qualify for this section of the application you must have:12 months of full time work experience in Alberta for an AINP accepted job within a period of 18 months;24 months of full time work experience in Canada within a period of 30 months; orA Post Graduate Work Permit with six months full time work experience within an 18 month period (This work experience must be related to your degree or field of study)Please note that if you are part of the Alberta credential program after October 1, 2018 you must:Have completed an Advanced Education Approved Post Graduate Certificate; andHave a job that relates to your studiesWork Experience for the Alberta Credential ProgramTo qualify for this program you must:Work at least 30 hours a week, full-time;Apply with the same occupation you qualified for; andHave temporary legal status in canada as a permanent residentPlease note this does not count if you gained this status while studying as an international student or through an international internship program; unless you:Hold a Post Graduation Work PermitWork at least 30 hours a week, full-time; orHave Albertan work experience in your occupationTo Qualify for a Nomination From the AINP You must:Have the right documents to work at your current job in Alberta;Have a full time job offer from an Albertan employer in your current occupation;Have an Albertan employer who is registered under provincial legislature to operate as a place of business;Have a job:That lets you work at least 30 hours a week for a period of one year;Have a job that is accepted by the AINP system;That you must have a work permit for;That you work full-time for, no part-time work will be acceptedFund RequirementsYou must have enough funds to support you and your family before you apply for this program. Your family unit includes:You;Dependant children (under the age of 22 and who are not married); andSpouse or common law partnerYou must include these family members, even if they are not immigrating with you. Please note that you must use your gross annual income which is your yearly pay after tax.You can use the Income Calculation Worksheet to see if you meet the fund requirements for the AINP.Family SizeFunds Needed CAD$121,833230,876337,816443,666548,820653,480757,765861,753965,4991069,042Please note if you have more than ten family members, you must contact the Alberta Information Service (1-877-427-6419).About the Self Employed Farmer StreamThis Self Employed Farmer stream in Alberta was created to help foreign immigrants start their own farms in Canada.The basic requirements to apply to the Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream are assessed on your:Education;Experience;Funds; andLanguage skillsAlberta Self Employed Farmer StreamIf you want to start your own farming business in Alberta, you can do so with the Self Employed Farmer Stream.Basic requirements for the Self Employed Farmer Stream are that applicants:Must have proof of education, training or work experience;Must have a proposed business plan for an Albertan farm;Must show the ability to invest no less than $500,000 equity in the farming business of Alberta; andMust have a minimum net worth of $500,000 or be able to confirm access to similar fundsChanges to the StreamSome of the major changes to the Self Employed Farmer Stream from Dec, 2018 are:Language skills;Education; andIncomeLanguage SkillsTo apply for the program you now need to have either a;Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 4 for speaking, writing, listening and reading; orA Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) of 4EducationYou must have completed high school and received a diploma. Please note that these must be equal to Albertan education standards.IncomeYou must earn at least:$21,883 a year for any application handed in from 2018 to 2019; and$23,392 a year for any application handed in from 2020 to 2021Those Who Cannot Apply for This Program AINP Self Employed Farmer Stream You cannot apply for this stream if you are:A refugee claimant;Being removed or in the process of being removed from Canada;Work as a caregiver in Canada;Work as a Temporary Foreign Worker who is not living in Alberta; orStudy in Canada as an international student doing internships or co-op work placements